Hailing from California, Filipino-American artist Lisa Danaë has long been a powerhouse vocalist in the music industry. As she grew as an artist, Lisa’s goal became to spread her story of growth and empowerment through the same powerful pop hooks and unfeigned, timeless lyrics that she grew up listening to. Her ability to pay tribute to the late 90’s/Y2K pop movement while still honoring her musical tenor in R&B birthed her transition and curation of “dark pop” where she takes deep sound to balance and challenge the uplifting lyricism and vocal tenor to create and addictive genre blend. Between 2020 and 2021, Danaë had her most productive years of releasing music yet. With songs like “STARLET”, “Weigh Me Down”, “Press Reset” ft with producer Alex Bochel, “STARLET Audiocrisp Remix”, and “Focus On Me”, she began to truly embark on the journey of embodying and perfecting her songwriting capabilities. As Lisa released her music throughout the pandemic, she garnered the attention of publications such as Voyage LA, Shoutout LA, Rolling Stone India and more. But perhaps her biggest achievement of 2021 was her single “Weigh Me Down” being nominated for Song Of The Year at the Wavy Awards, an award show focused on honoring minority talent within music. Lisa’s goal of creating a space for young minorities in music who relate to her story has been central to the progression of her career, and being honored by her peers in the space gave her a new outlook and many more opportunities for the future to continue the incredible storytelling she has been able to curate for her music.

When not creating music Danaë loves to travel, and work on her podcast Sound Scrub where she dissects the writing, production, and recording process of a song with the artist and producer while highlighting other independent artists like herself. As she continues to embark musically on her own journey, Danaë wants to be able to continue to work alongside her musical community of independent artists by giving them a platform to truly break down their music to fans.

Over the next year, it’s exciting to continue to embark on this new phase of Lisa Danaë: resonant, audacious and unafraid.

Please share a story that includes a happy memory as an artist and has hugely impacted your artistry.

Hearing the final version of “Glutton” will always be special to me. For the longest time, I had producers, managers, etc. tell me how I should sound, what type of music I should make, and more. I felt like I didn’t have a voice, but I trusted these people to guide me in the right direction because of their credentials. I remember sitting in the producer’s chair listening to “Glutton” and started crying because that song in particular went through the ringer, but I had found a team that wanted and encouraged me to use my voice and fight for the sound that makes up Lisa Danaë.

How do you choose to lead a Happy Healthy life as an artist?

There was a point where I had to tell myself enough is enough because I found myself going through a pattern. I became tired and was extremely unhappy, almost frustrated with myself since I kept finding myself going in circles, and I wanted to stop that.

Who did you learn from to instill those values?

My peers. Mental health wasn’t a subject in my household growing up, so as I got older Just through conversations with people and learning about what they’ve been through, what they’re going through, etc. was helpful. I didn’t know what anxiety was until maybe 10 years ago and didn’t know what that really felt like until maybe five years ago. So, that in itself says a lot, but more conversations around mental health are had now for sure.

Was it hard work to make sure that you focused on your well-being and not only your art?

Definitely. There’s a lot of pressure to be working on your craft 24/7, creating content and posting 3-5 times a day. For the longest time, I aimed to keep up with that, which ended up burning me out. With social media you’re able to see other signed and unsigned artists constantly releasing new music and content as if they never take a break, so it’s hard to not get sucked into that mindset. It wasn’t until losing two of my grandparents in 2019 within six months of each other that I started to work on my well-being and learned to listen to my body and mind instead of pushing myself even when I was exhausted physically and mentally.

Was there a turning point in how you decided to put yourself first?

This decision had been culminating for a few years after getting out of a toxic relationship, my parents getting a divorce, but Covid was definitely the turning point for me. I was quarantined alone, which showed me a lot about myself and how I handle certain situations, and I didn’t have to work a part time job that I kept wishing to get out of. I also had just finished my cinematic pop anthem, “STARLET”. That song is all about putting yourself first, and owning your identity.

How do you like to promote a healthy lifestyle?

Ironically, I love to promote a healthy lifestyle on social media. A great thing about it is that I get to reach people all around the world.

In what ways are you connecting with fans to check in on each other?

Mainly on Instagram whether that’s utilizing polls, the question feature, or sharing posts from others, I love engaging in those ways to encourage conversation.

Who checks in on YOU when you need it most?

My cousin, Angelica, is always there to listen to me, and she tends to check in at the right time, even before I reach out to her. If I don’t necessarily know why I’m feeling sad, angry, frustrated, she’s able to guide me through my emotions, and share some perspective.

Changing habits can be hard. Which was the habit that you had to change and how has it changed your life now?

I used to respond to texts, calls, emails, as soon as I got the notification which really hurt my time management. I had to change that habit, so I utilize the “Do Not Disturb” feature on my phone, which is so helpful. I reply when I can or when I’m ready, depending on the urgency.

Is there a song, book, movie, show, or anything that always gives you the motivation you need?

I really enjoy watching artist documentaries like Miss Americana (Taylor Swift), Homecoming (Beyoncé), etc. They’re really humbling and a great way to give yourself a reality check since you’re able to see artists be vulnerable. I find them inspiring and they definitely motivate me to keep going.

What is the mantra of 2022?!

I release what no longer serves me. What’s meant for me, will not pass me.

Give all the inside scoop on your latest project!

I’m currently writing my new project, and already can’t wait to share it. I don’t want to give too much away, but I do think lyrically as a whole, it’s very relatable, and a concept that we don’t hear often in music. Musically, you can expect dark tones, different melody styles, and all of my favorite elements that create a dark pop soundscape.

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Thank you for having me! You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook @lisadanaemusic and Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest @lisadanae!

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