Wellness + Music with Cate Hamilton!

Hello Cate! Thank you for speaking with me today!

What have you all been working on recently?

I just released my new song "Dimension" and the music video for it so it has been a lot of final details and preparation for that. And then I recently had a show at the Bowery Electric here in New York so it was a lot of rehearsing with my girl band, Baddie Wagon, and perfecting our set, but now, I'm working on new music, a vinyl collaboration with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings, and rehearsing for a show on May 4th at KBG Bar in the East Village.

As with many artists, you work so diligently on pursuing your artistic career as. I want to chat about healthy habits for busy artists like yourself!

What sort of beneficial, healthy habits do you feel are important for artists to incorporate into their daily routine?

I really think journaling is the best thing artists can do for themselves as far as clearing your brain from the clutter of creative ideas and overwhelming stressors like a neverending to-do list. It's also a great way to check-in with yourself when you're unsure of how you've been feeling because writing allows you to physically see what kind of ideas and thoughts have been unconsciously circulating in your brain which could help you realize mental blocks that have been holding you back or potential creative ideas that you didn't even know you had in you. It's really one of my healthy habits that has been life-changing over the past couple of years. As artists, we need to have a close relationship with our internal state, which is hard to track when external factors become sensory overload. I find that writing, meditating, and running are the best ways for me to get in touch with that side of myself that I use to create. Not to mention, it's a great way to document your journey as an artist and to really articulate what it is that you want which prompts you to take action towards those desires and goals that you maybe wouldn't have acknowledged otherwise.

What about ways to keep your voices as healthy as possible?

Throat coat tea !!! I can't recommend this tea enough. I'm convinced that it has magical powers. I also highly recommend steaming frequently and daily vocal warm-ups if you can. Even if it's something chill that doesn't require too much energy, it's good to keep your vocal muscles active because habitual practice allows for vocal health longevity. If you're consistent with your vocal "self-care," executing vocally demanding songs won't be as strenuous.

Here's a link to my favorite warm-up:

What is your favorite form of self-care to help you recharge and maintain balance in your lives?

Like I mentioned earlier, I find that running and meditation are very useful as far as maintaining balance in my life, but I also really enjoy immersing myself in other people's art as a form of self-care. Going to a concert, watching new movies, listening to an artist's entire discography, etc. These things help me to continue feeling inspired which acts a reminder for why I want to work hard at being an artist. However, if I'm feeling like the outside world is just too much, I'm a big fan of making a really cute bath with candles, bath salts, bath bombs, a face mask / and pretty much any self-care item I can find. Something about hanging out in a bathtub on a rough day makes me feel rejuvenated and also extremely peaceful. It always improves my mood.

Any upcoming projects you want to point people towards?

Well here's the link to the music video I released just a couple of days ago:

And the preorder link for the 7" vinyl records I'm making with Leesta Vall is here:

When you order one, you choose a song from my discography, I perform it live as the record is cut in real-time, and then you'll be the only owner of that particular live performance, ever, in the world, for all time!

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music!

Here is a link to my Spotify:

My Instagram:

And my Tik Tok:

Thank you for your time!

Thank you so much for having me !!!

For press inquiries:

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