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Where are you from and how did you get started? I am originally from Brooklyn NY but I was raised in Orlando, FL and am still here. The fall of 2004 I was in a Hip Hop / Dance Group in Orlando and we had what is called the Florida Classic and the Friday Night before the game they had all the black high schools get together and do battle of bands and our dance crew was asked to perform in the intermission. So I performed in front of 18k people and I was hooked in the Entertainment industry. From that night I knew I wanted to be on the business side of the industry helping others. At the core of entertainment music is people and relationships and that is what I am great at. How do you manage your self-care yourself and is this something you encourage artists to do? Mindset is key - You are going to get overwhelmed and there will be things that will happen along the way but having a positive mindset will help you along the way. Find a few people that you trust and then share your music with them -- Someone once told me this is called the Trusted Ear Collison, Be Honest with people and yourself - whenever you are feeling overwhelmed with anything just be honest and take a break. And never compare yourself to other careers. - You do not know the full story. The best thing for artists to do is build their community and serve them over and over again. There is a difference between Fans and having supporters. What is your biggest piece of Advice for Artists you help? Continue to trust your journey and to trust the process of your journey. What is challenging with wellness and/ or mental health as a musical artist? They feel like they have to go 100 miles an hour. They have to achieve so many things. It's okay to slow down. If you are trying to do a million things you really don’t accomplish anything. Tell us about your mission My mission - Encourage and Inspire people and to be an example that just because someone has a disability that they should be forgotten about. Don’t dismiss people. Links

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Stand Alone Website Durell Peart Personal Bio Durell Peart is a speaker, artist manager, and music business consultant. He has over 17+ years of professional entertainment industry experience. He has worked within the areas of artist management, brand development, marketing, promotion, and consulting. He has worked mostly within the urban and pop genres but his skill set can be easily adapted to any genre of music. He made the decision to pursue a career within the music industry because the formula for success in the industry is predicated on loving people and the ability to build meaningful relationships. Durell is a graduate of Full Sail University where he earned a Bachelors Of Science Degree in Entertainment Business as well being named Valedictorian and Advanced Achiever. He started his second company Double N Management & Marketing Group, LLC in 2015, with the primary focus of being a positive advocate for indie creatives. After spending so many years as an artist manager and utilizing his relationships only for the creatives on his immediate roster, he felt that it would be a great idea to expand and help creatives that he wasn’t doing day-to-day management for. He also noticed what was lacking in a majority of the creatives was the lack of education they had in choosing to embark on a professional career as a creative. Durell knew that he could make the greatest impact on his work with indie creatives by making their focus more about becoming global rather than being famous. The most important thing for creatives in today’s marketplace is to establish and execute a framework for building their own unique core audience rather than trying to appeal to everyone. Durell has worked to expand his global profile establishing business partners all over the world. He has played a key role in helping to secure international touring opportunities for his artists ranging in territories including India, Spain, Luxembourg, and France. Durell has also secured exclusive digital distribution & licensing partnership deals with Sound Republica (Seoul Korea), Kanjian Music (Shanghai China), & Tune Afrique (Lagos Nigeria) which he can now use as a vehicle to help indie artists build an audience globally. In January of 2020, Durell became an official partner of New Skool Rules, the number one urban music conference, and festival in Europe (Rotterdam, Netherlands). He continues to provide value by aligning himself with strong global movements taking place in several international territories that support indie artists. Durell was born with a disability called Spastic Diplesia Cerebral Palsy in which he was diagnosed at the age of one. He has been fortunate over the years to be able to impact many people due to his Cerebral Palsy being mild. He is constantly using his voice to show others that even though living with a disability can be difficult at times it’s not impossible to live a normal and meaningful life. The special needs are filled with many who don’t have a platform and voice (literally) to share their concerns and how at times they can feel disconnected from those who can’t understand what it’s like to live with a physical or mental impairment daily. He will continue to work hard and use his voice and platform to be someone who can be their voice and advocate. Durell has been featured in Brash Magazine, Urban Magazine, and as the cover story in Urban GrandStand Digital Magazine: “The Power Issue” & We Are Jersey Magazine & Let Us Live Magazine Issue 2: Love Is Power Edition, Independent Artist Magazine, and FORD Entertainment Magazine for the work he does in helping indie creatives. After FORD Entertainment Magazine, and Where It Begins Magazine for the work he does helping indie creatives. He looks forward to continuing to be a bridge for indie creatives worldwide as an advocate and speaker.

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