Singer/ Songwriter Olivia Wendel shares some wisdom.

Where are you from and how did you get started?

I am from a town right outside Boston in Massachusetts but am now living in NYC. I got started at a really young age. I think the first band was in elementary school and we called ourselves recess because that was the only time we had to practice. It was a form of expression that I never thought could materialize as a career but I kept doing it and started performing in NYC at school. But now I'm more interested in songwriting for other people.

How do you manage your self-care as an artist?

I think the past year has been an outlier but also not. It has been a way to put into practice the things that are helpful and get rid of things that weren’t serving me anymore. I like to do a couple very simple things like running or taking time for myself with a walk or just simply being outside in nature.

I also enjoy giving myself small errands to run because I love having a purpose so everyday I pick a random errand and I also am able pick up inspiration for my music while doing so.

Prioritizing sleep too and talking to friends and family so I can get out of my head.

Do you have new releases or upcoming shows you would like to share?

Full album was just released in May so I am riding the Tail Winds of that. Working on new material/ new songs to hopefully releasing it at the end of the year.

What is challenging with wellness and/ or mental health as a musical artist?

A lot of our business is operated on social media i.e. instagram, tik tok and it is all super presentation based work and sometimes I feel like wellness gets really dangerous being presented on social media as one size fits all and that is not particularly true. It can get tricky when always looking at social media - it's unique to each person. Self care means something different for everyone.

Tell us about your mission as an artist!

My mission as an artist and in songwriting - overall is that it's a form of communication for me. I always hope people can hear or feel a certain way when they hear my music. Love performing live shows for the human moments / connections with people. I want to be a communicator.

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Latest Album Release, "Windthrow"

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