Log cabin-born but Jersey-bred, Mistine is a rising Pop / Rock artist combining the rhythm and warmth of classic rock with her own brand of angsty pop sincerity. Mistine’s music is a perfect blend of modern and vintage, drawing inspiration from classics like Aerosmith to early-aughts icons, Avril Lavigne and Hannah Montana. This is the kinda music best played at full volume while driving down the highway screaming the lyrics into the wind with your best friends in the backseat.

But, before she was Mistine, Christine Meisenhelter was just another third-grade kid watching Piglet’s Big Movie. At least, she was, until Carly Simon showed up on screen playing guitar and singing along. Suddenly, Meisenhelter knew what she wanted to do, and it’s been music ever since. In the years following this early spark, she’s attended USC’s Thornton School of Music, toured with Conan Gray for over two years, and honed her voice as an artist and musician as Mistine.

When it comes down to it, though, all she wants to do is make music that makes people feel good. Mistine’s unassuming charm is what makes her work just so welcoming; in her own words, “I want my fans to feel like they’re my best friends.”

Please share a story that includes a happy memory as an artist and has hugely impacted your artistry. My happiest memories are meeting young musicians at shows. I still remember the first time a young girl came up to me after a show, hugged me, and told me that she started learning bass guitar because of me. Moments like these truly warm my heart. These memories keep me going. If I can make a positive impact on one just one person, then all this craziness is worth it. How do you choose to lead a Happy Healthy life as an artist? I think it’s important to be kind to yourself. Creativity comes in peaks in valleys. There’s no way you’re going to write an amazing song every day. Sometimes if I’m not getting anywhere with songwriting, I’ll try to express myself through other creative outlets…photography, poetry, drawing, or coloring. We all have good days and bad days. On the bad days, I always try to surround myself with people I love and remind myself that bad days don’t last forever. There’s always something good right around the corner. Who did you learn from to instill those values? I think I learned these values through trial and error. I always put my happiness first so if I’m not content, I try to take a step back and figure out what’s not working and move on from there. Was it hard work to make sure that you focused on your well-being and not only your art? I’ve always put value on my personal well-being. It can feel impossible to always have a good balance between the two because life gets in the way. They are both so important to your overall happiness so it is important to remember to take care of yourself. If you’re healthy, you’ll be able to create better and for a longer period of time! Was there a turning point in how you decided to put yourself first? I’ve always been pretty good at making decisions for myself and not because others want me to do something. If I don’t want to go bowling at 11:30pm, I don’t…I stay in and watch movies with my dogs and drink tea…or whatever is gonna make me happy that day. How do you like to promote a healthy lifestyle? Enjoying good food, the beauty of nature, intriguing art, and the people you love are the best things in life. If I can incorporate at least one of these into my daily schedule, it's a good day. I also love going on runs to clear my head and enjoy the weather. In what ways are you connecting with fans to check in on each other? I post on my instagram story a lot and ask fans how they are doing. Honestly a lot of them message me and check in on me which is so kind of them. I love to post small inspirational messages. Who checks in on YOU when you need it most? my family and friends. I keep a small circle and feel really lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people that genuinely care about me. also my dogs.. they are always there to make me smile and comfort me when I need it most. Changing habits can be hard. Which was the habit that you had to change and how has it changed your life now? I love people and really do trust others. I’ve had to learn that not everyone has my best interest at heart and some people are just trying to use you. It is a sad reality. I am still working on letting people gain my trust before I give it to them. Working through this change is allowing me to find the people in life that truly care about me for me - not for what my job is, what songs I write, or who I’ve worked with. Is there a song, book, movie, show, or anything that always gives you the motivation you need? I like to read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin or Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert when I’m in the mood for an inspiration book. If I’m having a rough day and need to be comforted…I’ll watch 10 Things I Hate About You or Friends. What is the mantra of 2022?! “What defines us is how we rise after falling.” - zig ziglar Give all the inside scoop on your latest project! My next single “Temporary Feeling” comes out May 19 and my debut EP will be released on June 30th. I’m super excited!! This entire EP is about different people I’ve developed connections with. I’m very interested in the space between myself and others…that undeniable feeling you get when you connect with someone.

I really hope these songs make you want to listen to them in the car with the windows down and scream the lyrics with your friends. I hope they make you feel good! I hope you love it!!! We want to thank you for joining us here and are so excited about what we see from you next! Leave us with your socials!! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

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