Emily Daccarett creates an immersive world of storytelling through music, film, and fashion. Each artistic direction begins with a beat that forms a story. From the start of her brand, she has fused those worlds together, creating a symbiotic flow between the two. She uses textiles, shapes, and sound as her tools to world building, and give her audience the chance to step into those stories and experience it themselves.

Please share a story that includes a happy memory as an artist and has made a huge impact on your artistry.

The earliest memory I have is of me, as a tiny baby, kicking my feet in my car seat while my parents listened to ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman. Perhaps that’s why this song has been a source of comfort whenever I hear it and why music in general has been what I turn to in every stage of my life. I had no idea the impact it would have on me until I set out to start my own fashion brand. I felt the immense pressure of being a young entrepreneur, my nerves were on edge, and I felt I was drowning. Suddenly I had the opportunity to work on original music for the fashion film I had produced that would be screened during LA Fashion Week. The French song, ‘Je t’aime, moi non plus’, was taking too long to clear so we went with our plan B. I met with a film composer and future music collaborator to see if he could compose a song for me. We bonded and that same day began writing and brainstorming all these ideas. I fell in love with writing and found what I had been missing. I design with music in mind and eventually wanted to write music the way I design collections. It’s taken a while but with each passing day, I try to balance my life as a fashion designer, craftsman, songwriter, singer, and performer.

How do you choose to lead a Happy Healthy life as an artist?

The way I choose to lead a happy healthy life as an artist is by not losing sight of why I chose this life. I accepted a long time ago that I can’t eradicate all the bad stuff in the world, but if I can bring some happiness or excitement to someone then I’ve done something meaningful. I’m inspired by the world around me, and I try to show the beauty that can be found in places you may not expect to find it.

Who did you learn from to instill those values?

My grandmother Isabel had a way of seeing beauty everywhere even in her darkest moments and I’ve never known anyone else with her heart.

Was it hard work to make sure that you focused on your well-being and not only your art?

It has been hard because when inspiration hits, you forget everything else. The need to create and see your baby through to the end makes it hard to stop.

Was there a turning point of how you decided to put yourself first?

I burned myself out three years into my career as a fashion designer and artistic director, I was a one woman show and put my work first always. I would average about 3 hours of sleep, weekends did not exist, and I felt guilty taking time off. I developed carpal tunnel and it wasn’t until I reached the point where I couldn’t close my hands into a fist let alone pick up a cup that I knew I had pushed myself too far. I spent 1 month with wrist splits on both hands and had to take a break from everything to avoid having to resort to surgery. I use my hands for illustrating, painting, writing, draping, patternmaking, sewing, making accessories, and suddenly I had compromised my tools.

After the pain lessened, and it took a long time to get where I am now that I hardly ever get flare ups from carpal tunnel, I promised myself I would take better care of my mental and physical health because I owe myself that compassion for what I put my body through.

How do you like to promote a healthy lifestyle?

I’m a very active person and the gym is something I can’t live without. I love to wake up early, have my morning coffee, and hit the gym! I love having that time to myself to simply check in with myself.

In what ways are you connecting with fans to check in on each other?

I encourage my fans to show empathy and compassion toward one other and to themselves.

Who checks in on YOU when you need it most?

My mom, she can just sense when I need her. She is the same with my brothers, it’s her superpower. It’s a good balance of comfort while also helping me face things I may not want to deal with at the moment.

Changing habits can be hard. Which was the habit that you had to change and how has it changed your life now?

I used to love working throughout the night, I was able to focus much better, and would usually wait to do all my creative work late at night. I’ve since changed that and now I try to go to bed early and wake up at 3or 4am, when hard deadlines are nearing, or 6am when things are calmer. I feel much better, and it doesn’t throw off my day!

Is there a song, book, movie, show or anything that always gives you the motivation you need?

There are a couple! Almost Famous, The Devil Wears Prada, and documentaries on artists and designers.

What is the mantra of 2022?!

Each moment is new!

Give all the inside scoop of your latest project!

I’m working on the visuals for my album, Yours Always! I really wanted to incorporate the fantasy side of the album that reflects the past and childhood memories with a retro French inspired vibe. I have a couple of French songs in this album and wanted to blend all the parts of myself that I used to write on this album.

I have been working extensively on a leather accessories collection for my fashion brand and although I haven’t released it officially yet, some clients have

already purchased a few of the early designs! I’m beyond excited to finally be at this point with this project, it’s something I have been working on and developing for 2 years!

We want to thank you for joining us here and are so excited about what we see from you next! Leave us with your socials!!

Thank you so much for having me!!! I loved getting the opportunity to speak with you!

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