Staying Healthy with Soulpax!

Hello Soulpax! Thank you for speaking with me today!

What have you all been working on recently? We are currently in the process of releasing a bunch of new music. Most recently we released a very soulful single titled Moonbeams that is out everywhere. Next up we have a really hip indie pop song called Postcard Daze coming out April 29th. This one is one of our more ambitious songs and we cannot wait to get it out there! To keep up with us and all our upcoming releases give us a follow on Instagram @Soulpaxmusic. As with many artists, you work so diligently to chat about healthy habits for busy artists like yourself! — a healthy habit we both share is trying to constantly create new material. We will work together on building songs, some of which never see the light of day and are put in a folder on our computers for later use. This is a good practice for us to hone in on our craft, and keeps our wits sharp for when inspiration does strike. More than anything, it’s a practice about finishing what we start. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be complete. And who knows! Maybe we will pull some of these songs out someday for release to the public. What sort of beneficial, healthy habits do you feel are important for artists to incorporate into their daily routine? Working in the arts can put a lot of stress on your mental game. We find that taking the time to make sure you're staying healthy mentaliy is just as important as staying healthy physically. Take time to focus on your own achievements and internalize your victories. As people who are constantly looking towards the next thing it can sometimes be hard to acknowledge everything that you've accomplished. A great way to help with mental health as well is to feel sound in your body. Taking time to eat right, drink a little less, exercise a bit and feel the sun are all great practices that we try and implement to make sure we are at our best for every gig! What about ways to keep your voices as healthy as possible? I like to keep my voice healthy by steaming my vocal cords and making sure I’m nice and warmed up before I do any singing. A lot of the exercises I use first thing in the day are actually speech therapy exercises like buzzing on the letters Z, V, Th, or J. This helps to build endurance in the vocal cords. What is your favorite form of self-care to help you recharge and maintain balance in your lives?

For me (Julia), I’ve become kind of an introvert lately. Constantly giving your full self to performance and to teaching music students can be exhausting, so i enjoy spending my off time just being quiet, hanging out on the couch, and talking to very few people haha. It may not be what people expect from the front person of a band, but this allows me to recharge the mental and emotional energy I need to do what I love. Any upcoming projects you want to point people towards? As we said before we have a whole bunch of new music that we are pushing throughout this year! Next up we have our song Postcard Daze which will be available on all platforms April 29th! Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music! You can always find our music on Spotify: Soulpax Spotify as well as any other streaming service! You can also follow us on Instagram/ TikTok by checking out @Soulpaxmusic IG: Soulpax IG TikTok: Soulpax TikTok YouTube: Soulpax YouTube

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