When dating a song writer, one must expect to be written about- good or bad...

Sasha Prendes is a rising songstress whose storytelling and pop-soul cinematic pop rock and moody R&B. She emerged in 2019 with her singles "Percocets" & "Yellow Sweater" and has been gaining attention with her new release "UNDERSTANDABLY” + “Stay (angry)” featuring the talented producers James Oliver III, Hanan Rubinstein, Chrona.

Growing up in the great state of Kansa, Sasha grew up in a family of Cuban immigrants who resided in the east coast until they relocated to Midwest. Raised on disney sing-a-longs, classic salsa, pop, rock, R&B, and even country, Sasha's parents exposed her to all types of music. They realized very quickly Sasha's ability to sing but no one knew of her songwriting abilities until later in life. Sasha's influences include Taylor Swift, evanescence, Sara Bareilles, Adele, Eli Sostre and others. By listening to other artists be so open and vulnerable about their experiences, Sasha felt compelled to tell her stories. She writes of unrequited love in "Sail Away", rock bottom in “Losing My Mind”, friends with benefits in "Yellow Sweater", don’t care anymore attitude in “UNDERSTANDABLY", falling in love with "Brooklyn", to name a few... & she always gets the last word.

"Every song is written about someone and for someone. It's the one place I can say the things I was never able to say in person," says Sasha. These truths are revealed in her power-ballad melancholy records to her upbeat relatable pop anthems.

Please share a story that includes a happy memory as an artist and has made a huge impact on your artistry. Becoming an artist has been a journey and there are so many validating moments along the way. One in particular was when I was performing for the first time at Sony Hall in New York City. I was nervous, soundcheck had a few issues, and it was my first time using in-ears on stage. I crushed the songs, remembered all the choreography, and don't remember half the shit I said but knew it went well. At the same time, I had this awful feeling that I completely fucked up but when I walked off stage, multiple people said to me "OMG you were amazing! I wish they turned up your microphone!" "I would come back just to see you perform!" Moments of doubt creep in and then love pushes it out. I was just like, "Thank you!!" Not that I need anyone's approval to do what I do, however, it feels amazing when I was literally crying in the dressing room beforehand. It was one of my biggest shows to date, a whole new experience, working with a new team, new songs, back up dancers and sometimes it only takes one comment to remind you - "yes, I did that. I worked HARD for this and I crushed it." How do you choose to lead a Happy Healthy life as an artist? Balance. I'm a libra so I'm all about finding my equilibrium! In therapy, I recently learned that my whole life I have been striving for "perfect" balance (perfection doesn't exist) and realized "holy shit, I've been fighting a battle that is never to be won?!" Looking back, my life actually has been quite balanced with the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. So I stopped shitting on myself for not being perfect and accepted the days I get it all done versus the days I choose to sleep a few extra hours. I listen to my body and my intuition a whole lot more these days which has led to a significant increase in happiness and health! Who did you learn from to instill those values? My dad is my rock! He would always say "Remember your foundation." My family is from Cuba and when they came to this country after escaping violence, death, and a new dictatorship- they developed a whole new set of survival skills. Life will pull you in all different directions but by remembering your foundation (values, morals, things your daddy taught ya!) you can find your way back if you ever stray off the path!

My mom is all about emotional support. She is always there for me emotionally whether I am right or wrong. We can be real and raw with one another regarding our actions and mistakes which can be hard to admit when you're totally wrong. You gotta talk it out to find the solution you know?

I love audiobooks- Jen Sincero and Gary John Bishop have changed my life!

Oh, and shout out to my therapist. Therapy is gold. Everyone should do it! Was it hard work to make sure that you focused on your well-being and not only your art?

For a period of time, I thought I was put on this planet to write music and then die. It was a dark moment for me but I also knew deep down I was made for way more than that. I have impacted many lives throughout mine and I know I was destined to make music but also make a difference in the lives of others. In order for me to make my art I have to be happy and healthy. Mind you, a good cry fest or shitty week can also make for good music. But as far as partying, drugs, up all night- long gone are the binging days. My voice is my money maker, so is my skin, my body. I can't perform at an optimum level looking and feeling like shit. Sleep, tea, yoga, fitness, praying, hydration, check ups with physicians, writing, resting, coming home and just watching tv with the cats, eating healthy meals, going on walks, skin care routine, etc. It's a lot of work to be in shape and to give yourself love. But it's also fun! The days of. doing drugs to stay up all night or drinking and feeling like shit for the next 3 days are over. There are no missing studio days or showing up late to sound check. That shit is just unacceptable. Mind you- special occasions I do like to have a few martinis hahaha but again- I save the crazy for celebratory moments in life! If there is nothing to celebrate I'm not out here trying to get fucked up. Music is my health and well-being. Was there a turning point of how you decided to put yourself first? After a vicious cycle of abusive relationships, absolute rock bottom confidence levels, and being manipulated by people closest to me (best friends, family, etc), I said enough is enough. I am DONE caring what other people think. I am DONE being a pushover. Everyone has bad days, every one has trauma but by no means is that an excuse to emotionally, verbally, and sometimes physically abuse someone. I was a pushover at times. If I knew a friend had gone through a tough time, I allowed shitty behavior towards me with the excuse of "oh, but this just happened to them" or "they have been going through it" not realizing that I was enabling this behavior. I truly believed I was doing the right thing, that I was showing love and compassion and forgiveness. To a certain extent but after so many times- you have to put your foot down and say "this has got to STOP!". I found my voice the last few years and being someone who hates being disliked- I have become someone who doesn't care lol. If you don't like me then you have a personal problem with me or you're just insecure- ESPECIALLY if you DON'T know me. & that's facts. How do you like to promote a healthy lifestyle? My mom always says "Hydration is key!" which is hilarious because now I have people saying it all the time :) she comes up with these little phrases and it just cracks me up! Basically mantras but like funnier lol. I post about my health journey, my routines, my daily responsibilities as an artist and what it takes to be able to call myself one. Sharing your truth, sharing tips and being honest about where I am in my career has been huge. I'm not here to put up a front or pretend I'm living a life that I'm not. Those close to me know I'd rather sleep than go out! But if you asked me to put on a gown to go out- now that's a totally different story!! You can't be fucked up with a 4 foot train off the back of your dress walking around New York City in stilettos- It just doesn't work :)

I try to promote a healthy lifestyle by just living my life the best way I can.

In what ways are you connecting with fans to check in on each other? I love social media for this reason alone- You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at any time! I have friends all over the globe and because of social media we are able to keep up with one another and stay connected. I recently received fan mail + people have asked for signed posters!! I'll be signing and mailing them out this week which is so wild!! My first time being asked for autographs and it is such a beautiful feeling knowing people love and connect with me and my music.

Who checks in on YOU when you need it most?

My man, my best friends all over the world, my parents, grandparents. I have a great support system of people who love me and even some of my fans check in and notice when I'm up or down. It's so wild how emotions can be interpreted digitally through certain behaviors on social media. So cool! Changing habits can be hard. Which was the habit that you had to change and how it's changed your life now?

I stopped shitting on myself. I would be like "Wow, Sasha. You got 20 things done on your 30 things to-do list- you sucked today- failure." I would talk to my self in such a fucked up way and would continue to move the finish line before I even crossed it. DONE DOING THAT SHIT. I stopped moving the finish line! Celebrate the small wins- Rome wasn't built in a day. Get one thing done at a time. If I finish 80% of my to-do list that's pretty fucking bad ass. Again, we go back to that endless search for "perfection" which doesn't exist- so if I don't get my ENTIRE task lists done, I no longer punish myself for it. I'm like, "YAS! Keep it going girl!" * snap snap Is there a song, book, movie, show, or anything that always gives you the motivation you need? PLEASE listen to "Stop Doing That Shit" By Gary John Bishop. Fucking love this man. He really lays it out and I highly recommend all his books + to listen to them a few times over again. It just hits differently. What is the mantra of 2022?! Ahhhh! I have a few!

1. I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks!

2. Two things can be true at the same time so be open minded to all sides

3. Own your shit Give all the inside scoop on your latest project!

My favorite part! New music drops June 1st 2022!!

My song "Stay (angry)" Produced by Chrona is a super song. Unrequited love turned into a 7 year grudge and I'm back with a vengeance.

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