Not Talking SH*T On Yourself

The Beauty of Not Talking Sh*t about Yourself

You might mistake Katie Sturino’s new book, Body Talk, for a brilliant, hilarious, adorably illustrated book for women over size 12. Instead, it’s a brilliant, hilarious, adorably illustrated book for pretty much anyone with a body in our society. “I don’t think we realize how often we’re bombarded by negative messaging about our bodies,” writes the Megababe founder and Instagram star, noting later: “Recognize junk food messaging for what it is: crap.” Katie SturinoBODY TALK: HOW TO EMBRACE YOUR BODY AND START LIVING YOUR BEST The book, much like Megababe—Sturino’s chic, wildly effective, obsessed-over-at-goop clean beauty line—flips the bird squarely at shame. “Megababe makes solutions for bodily problems I used to find embarrassing, like thigh chafing,” she writes. “I wanted to make a tangible extension of my body acceptance message to help remove shame around things we don’t need to be ashamed of. I figured if they were problems I had, others might have them, too. (No matter your weight, shape, or size, if you’re a person with skin that rubs against skin, you know about chafing.) Shedding my shame, building up my self-esteem, learning that I was worthy of love and success and cool clothes—these realizations changed my life.” Article originally in GOOP

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