Know more about Gabrielle Ornate!

Where are you from and how did you get started?

I am from a small village outside of Hartforsher in the UK called Shenley Village - My dad had always been obsessed with classical music and would play it as I would fall asleep. My grandma has records of me making tunes ever since I was a little girl.

I even have songs I wrote from when I was 12 that I like to incorporate into my music today. I choose the best of all the melodies to create my songs.

I am self taught on the keyboard / piano and bass guitar. I was also in a girl band when I was 17.

I have also taught myself how to produce music so I have full control of the final product.

2. How do you manage your self-care as an artist?

Before covid I was becoming burnt out and getting drained with my music and even experienced physical problems due to holding the bass and moving equipment around but covid gave me a reason to stop and to focus on my health mentally emotionally , physically and spiritually which I am thankful for. It even gave me time to see a chiropractor and found out I have scoliosis and now I am able to treat it.

It is important to find time to consciously focus on health - I really enjoy yoga stretches as it's really good for the mind and body. Allows me to completely detach from the world and re-center.

Another self care I enjoy is a classic long hot bath, bath bombs , listening to peaceful music or spiritual talk books, learning spiritual and philosophical topics, eyes shut and ears open.

3. Do you have new releases or upcoming shows you would like to share?

My single just came out 4 days ago called "Waiting to be found. " My release strategy is to release a song every 2.5 months so in October I will release my next song.

Until covid is over and can play shows I am focused on gaining exposure - playing cover songs on instagram and tik tok to grow exposure.

Music video coming out in 10 days for Waiting to be found!

4. What is challenging with wellness and/ or mental health as a musical artist?

One thing that is really prevalent on social media is so essential but it can also be quite challenging comparing yourself with others - sometimes demotivating seeing artists online and trying to keep up.

Another is making a budget stretch for the right things. For me I can produce my own songs so am able to use that money on promoting myself but still can be a challenge.

5. Tell us about your mission as an artist!

my mission as an artist - make quite meaningful music - empowerment and personal growth - inspire people to be happier and resonate with the words I sing I want to be a part of listeners' big or special moments in life where they can look back and remember the moment while listening to my songs.

6. What are your links and info for our readers to find you?

For press inquiries:

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