Healthy Practices with Lina Cooper!

1. Where are you from and how did you get started?

I'm originally from the Ukraine in eastern Europe! Growing up, I always knew I was meant to be an artist. Starting at age 9, I would experiment on my mom's piano. I begged her to teach me to play. Eventually I learned to read music, and then I took guitar lessons and began writing songs just for fun! By age 13, I was accepted into a music boarding school in the Ukraine. I moved to Boston at age 17 and attended Berklee College of Music. Afterwards, I packed up the car with my best friends and moved across the country to start my music career in Los Angeles! 2. How do you manage your self-care as an artist?

I've been focusing on taking care of myself a lot more. I work as an assistant engineer at a local studio, which finally allows me a little more freedom and space to relax. I exercise every single day. I work out in my room while watching TV for around 30 minutes. It helps my body feel energized and ready for the day. I also *try* to eat healthy. I read a LOT of self help/psychology books -- Recently I discovered "the subtle art of not giving a f*ck," by Mark Manson. It changed my perception on a lot of things, even the way I make music. Lastly, I have amazing roommates who are my best friends. Surrounding myself with like-minded musicians who are supportive of what you do is so important!!

3. What is challenging with wellness and/ or mental health as a musical artist?

Working as a musician definitely presents unique challenges. You HAVE to be in a certain mindset to create. If you wake up in a bad mood, you have to figure out how to get out of that in order to be able to do your job. There are a lot of distractions when working from home: laptop, books, TV, phones, friends... It's important to take time for yourself and enjoy these things, but always having an ongoing to-do list in the back of your mind can be difficult. Working as a creative can also be a financially uncertain environment... You're mostly working for yourself and making projects/contracts/agreements happen. It's more difficult to create when you're worried about paying rent.

4. Do you have new releases or upcoming shows you would like to share? I'm actually announcing a new release this week! I'm dropping a song/music video that I did with one of my roommates on September 24th called "Afanasy." It's the name of our really good friend. If I could describe the sound, it would be a mix between Blink 182, New MGK, and High School Musical... Stay tuned and you'll see what I mean.

5. Tell us about your mission as an artist!

Only recently did I figure out my mission. I wasn't honest with myself for a while. My mission out of all the things an artist can do is to write songs that people can relate to, to make them happier, to understand that they're not alone. Creating something that makes people feel good/better in a really uncertain world is very important to me.

6. What are your links and info for our readers to find you?

Instagram: @lina_cooper. Check out my bio for a linktree to all of my other media such as YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook!

For press inquiries:

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