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Where are you from and how did you get started? I was born and raised in LA, Inglewood to be more specific. I started off in the arts with singing. My family and I have always loved music and it’s a huge influence in our lives. I was then put in dance class and continued singing in choirs and dancing throughout middle and high school. I really got into acting during high school. I went on to study film in college and during that time I was able to intern and work in the entertainment industry. I interned in the PR world and learned a lot about event coordinating when I worked in marketing. I was even able to work as an assistant for celebrities, music execs, and multiple productions. How do you manage your self-care as an artist and creator? One of my biggest challenges actually is managing self-care lol. It’s so important, if not just as important as being a creator, you need self care to sustain being a creator. Art can come from such a vulnerable place at times so it's important I check in with myself a lot. I sometimes have to force myself to get off of social media and just take a break. I love to get my hair and nails done and shop! When I look good, I feel great. I also have a dope support system that hears me out when I need them to. Those relationships are important. Your mind can play tricks on you if you’re around the wrong influences so mindfulness and communication is important. I also try to associate a positive mindset with work, it helps me be grateful rather than stressed. Do you have new releases or upcoming shows you would like to share? Yes! I am an audio engineer and producer for a scripted podcast action drama titled, "Mortuus Est: Legacy" set to premiere in Nov. 2021. As well as my short film "Deserve" set to be released in Nov 2021. What is challenging with wellness and/ or mental health as a creator? Words of affirmation are great from others, but I try to not let that be my only motivation and remember I have to do it for myself at the end of the day. Can’t get too high from the highs or low from the lows so I strive to keep outside influences balanced. I accept reactions as they come with humility and grace. I also have such a strong support system at my acting studio, they’ve supported me through a lot of growing pains as a person, as an artist, as a creator. The importance of having a space Where Art Can Occur has changed my life in so many ways. There’s always going to be a reason to quit. Maintaining power with your art and doing your best to not let anything outside of you affect your peace is important as a creative, it personally keeps me going. I know what I bring to any table. Tell us about your mission as an artist! My mission as an artist is to engage with my purpose. I’ve always had such a fascination and passion for anything in relation to art. The way that artists deliver stories and experiences, entertainment it’s such an important part of society. I want to do and experience all roles that fulfill me. I hope one day to inspire others to live life to their fullest dreams. I want to be able to surrender to the process and live in my authentic truth always. I owe it all to my Heavenly Father, friends and family, and the community I made along my journey so far. How can our readers stay up to date with you?

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