Get To Know Leah Harris and How She Stays Healthy as an Artist!

Where are you from and how did you get started?

I'm originally from Windsor, Canada! It's right across the border from Detroit. Detroit's radio stations really influenced me into the Soul and Motown genres. I come from a musical family. My mom is a piano and voice teacher so I had great classical training, and my dad was a country songwriter. My dad would take me into the studio to record songs to give me that experience, but he would only book them for 15 minutes, so we had to record in one take!

How do you manage your self-care as an artist?

I try to stay really true to my mission statement. I try not to do anything musically that doesn't fit with my values. Saying no to a lot of things has made for a more sustainable career -- I like to set aside plenty of time for myself and my family. I'm comfortable missing out on an opportunity that may seem huge if it conflicts with my priorities.

What is challenging with wellness and/ or mental health as a musical artist?

Logistics - tangible aspects of the industry... lots of late night work, multiple jobs at once, financial insecurity. You have to really prioritize yourself because our society doesn't really take care of up-and-coming musicians.

It is strange to be in an industry where you need to be very tough and strong and confident, but I come from a culture where we define that differently. It's important to find a good balance of ego and confidence.

Do you have new releases or upcoming shows you would like to share? I'm preparing to release a new single early next year. I'm really excited to be working on them in the studio! One of them, called "Shine," is really about my mission statement / prioritizing myself. They're very soulful singer-songwriter vibe with a heavy Detroit influence!

Tell us about your mission as an artist!

My personal and professional mission is to live a happy, healthy life while expressing myself as best I can as an artist.

What are your links and info for our readers to find you?

You can follow me on Instagram at @leahharrisofficial. I'm pretty active on there... There's a link in my bio there for my Spotify page. If you're reading this, I'd really love for you to check out my latest work and tell me what you think!

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