Get to Know Jaye & Madison!

What have you all been working on recently?

We've been working on getting more shows on the books in Nashville mostly! It's really been healing, especially in these times, to be able to share music with people. Everyone can also keep an eye out for our debut album coming soon. We'll be rolling everything out as singles on socials! The first single and title track of our album is "Ride or Die."

As with many artists, you all work and are pursuing your artistic career as well. I want to chat about healthy habits for busy artists like yourselves!

Madison: For me, I love my morning time. I get up early, when the world's still quiet, to breathe & get ready for my day. I like to play Willie's album "Stardust" while I eat breakfast, journal, and do yoga. It's the little things that bring me peace.

Jordan: I try to make a few things non-negotiable in my everyday routine. The top 3 being getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, drinking minimum 64oz of water a day, and walking two miles a day. That's bare minimum for me to feel okay. I try to incorporate at least 2-3 strength training sessions a week. It really helps with stress control. That, and keeping my physical environment as organized as possible. When that starts going down hill my mental health goes downhill.

What sort of beneficial, healthy habits do you all feel are important for artists to incorporate into their daily routine?

Madison: I'd say that taking time to journal or to actively seek out gratitude is so helpful for changing negative mental health patterns. I think many artists struggle with mental health so much because we're naturally sensitive souls and you have to nurture that sensitivity without letting your feelings overwhelm or control you.

Jordan: Being aware of the comparison monster inside. It's easy in the world of social media to feel like you're 10 steps behind someone, but it's much healthier to realize we are all on our own paths and walking them at different paces. Self-checking negative thought patterns and actively replacing them with positive thoughts helps as well. When I fall into the "what if it doesn't work out?" head-space, I try to actively replace it with "what if it does?" It takes much less energy to believe the best is going to happen.

Do you all have a fitness routine of sorts to keep you strong and keep you going?

Madison: Yes, we've been working with Dallas Stephens (@dallasastephens) 3x a week strength training! She's helped us so much with staying motivated plus going with a buddy makes the difficult exercises go by faster, haha!

Jordan: Yes, working out with your twin is definitely a game-changer, and having a trainer there for the accountability factor helps so much. Even on days I don't feel like going, I never regret it afterwards! Movement really helps keep me in a better mindset. I personally HATE cardio, so I try to get that just from walking daily and Dallas incorporates some in our strength workouts. If you're in the Nashville area, definitely hit her up for training! I also try to be mindful about what I eat on most days. Creating a healthy balance between protein, carbs, and fat. Your girl loves ice cream and Hot Cheetos though....and margaritas.

What about ways to keep your voices as healthy as possible?

Madison: Oh, I could talk about this all day! I try to be mindful of inflammation by drinking plenty of water and doing straw exercises in the morning. Teaching voice lessons also helps keep my vocal health/habits sharp - so my students teach me just as much as I teach them!

Jordan: Water, water, WATER. Minimum 64oz a day for me. I should probably be drinking more. lol Also STEAMING is so helpful before a live show.

What is your favorite form of self-care to help you recharge and maintain balance in your lives?

Madison: I've found the most healing through changing my diet! Helps my mind stay balanced and in a positive space. I prefer to stay gluten free and I've found a lot of benefit from cutting sugar and eating more protein/veggies.

Jordan: Pampering myself for SURE. Go for a spa day! Massage, mani-pedi, blowout, facial, spray tan, all the things!! I love spoiling myself. In times where I can't really afford to be going to the spa or salon, I just really enjoy long baths with bubbles and epsom salt with a nice candle! I could sit in the bathtub for literally hours. I've done it before. Haha it helps reset my mind. I tend to over-work and be on overdrive 24/7. Slowing down is a must for me to maintain inner peace.

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music!

You can find our music on all social platforms @jayemadisonband and all of our shows can be found at!

For press inquiries:

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