Exclusive Interview with Katie Pederson!

Hi Katie! Great to speak with you!

You as well!

What have you all been working on recently?

I've been working on a new record called, "Limitless!" It comes out April 22, 2022 on Earth Day and I'm quite excited about it.

As with many artists, you work so diligently on pursuing your artistic career as. I want to chat about healthy habits for busy artists like yourself!

Sure thing! It's so important to help with balance.

What sort of beneficial, healthy habits do you feel are important for artists to incorporate into their daily routine?

Honestly, for me it's water, exercise, and meal planning. It sounds so basic, but if I'm having a crap day, it's usually because I've missed one of those three things haha. I try to do yoga and/or running 4 times a week for exercise, and I try to make Sundays exclusively for self care when I can, which usually includes time for cooking for the week, watching a show I like or reading something, and doing a beloved face mask haha. It's the little things.

What about ways to keep your voices as healthy as possible?

Oh I am so passionate about this! Before pursuing music full time, I actually got my masters in speech language pathology to study speech and voice therapy, so vocal hygeine is SO important to me. Sleep and water are the two biggest things I have noticed that will affect my voice. I try to drink 64oz of water a day minimum, but the day before a show, I try to drink more (100 oz is a goal, but it's not a hard and fast rule). A few days leading up to a big show, I will try to keep my sleep schedule as routine as possible, and make sure I'm getting at least 8 hours when I can. It sounds kind of standard/boring, but both of those things make a huge difference for me personally. These days I've also been paying more attention to how much alcohol affects my voice - for bigger shows, I avoid it entirely, and for other more casual/chill performances I try to keep it at a minimum or wait until after to celebrate. I avoid smoking of all kinds at all costs, and also am really mindful of talking the day before and leading up to a show. If the show is in a crowded room or if I'm having to yell/shout to be heard for conversation, I will wait to chat with people until after I sing. Hot tea with honey is my go to when I have a really big vocal performance and especially while I'm in the studio (my favorite is Throat Coat or Chamomile). And vocal warm ups are a must!

What is your favorite form of self-care to help you recharge and maintain balance in your lives?

Camping! Or hiking or just being in nature in general. When I really need time to recharge, I'll usually take a solo weekend camping trip if the weather allows, and if I don't have time, or if it's the winter or something, getting outside, even walking around the neighborhood is so beneficial. Lately, I've loved taking short day trips to different waterfalls and hiking areas around Tennessee.

Any upcoming projects you want to point people towards?

My new album Limitless comes out the 22nd, and I'll be releasing some followup acoustic video performances over the coming months, so stay tuned for those! I'm also working on a midwest tour for later this summer, and a few weekend warrior tours sprinkled in throughout the year so be on the lookout for those upcoming shows!

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music!

You can find everything about the new album and the tour at, and you can follow me on tik-tok, instagram, and facebook at @katiepedersonmusic

Thank you for your time!

Thanks for having me!

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