Battling thru Hoarseness

Do you get a little anxious over hoarseness? Anxiety creeps in because of a fear of losing a highly precious instrument you depend on for a living? Yes, we get it. It can be SCARY! However, just remember that a hoarse voice after singing for long hours is normal. Here are some tips for your comfort. Be mindful to lower the level of your voice use in the next few days and get increased vocal naps. By doing so, your larynx and vocal cords get relaxed. You can also make your environment hospitable to your struggling voice. Control the noise levels so as you don’t need to shout when talking or you can optimize its layout to eliminate barriers to support your voice. More so, you may modify your use of your speaking or singing voice. Do not scream; avoid vocal projection; and do gentle warm ups. When singing, use only your mid-range voice and do not sing above the mezzo-piano loudness level. Do practice soft breathy vocal quality and maintain the routine of breath support (even during singing!). It is also a must to increase your laryngeal hydration. Drink more water and warm liquids after voice use. Avoid minty, eucalyptus lozenges too. Lastly, quit smoking and eliminate alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Also, a good steam often

and vaporizer can really help to keep your vocals healthy and strong. Most importantly, if hoarseness continues, see your doctor right away. Be good to your most prized instrument!!

We Love you! The Happy Healthy Artist Team

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