Arieliza is a Singer/Songwriter from the NYC area. Her songs are laced with traces of Pop, Folk and a touch of Rock, creating a unique Indie sound that continues to develop as she grows musically. Her insightful lyrics connect to deep-cutting human emotions that she shares in her music. She’s the girl-next-door trying to get her shit together.

Arieliza has performed at numerous music venues including Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery, Berlin Under A, The Bowery Electric, Amityville Music Hall, Finley’s of Greene Street

Please share a story that includes a happy memory as an artist and has made a huge impact on your artistry.

Some night during the first quarantine back in the spring of 2020, I wrote a song aptly titled “Cabin Fever”. Although this was a tumultuous time in my personal history and that of the entire world, I had a moment of bliss when I wrote that song. In 15 minutes, I had developed the melody, lyrics, and chords of the entire piece. Never has anything flowed so naturally out of me. It honestly felt like I wasn’t even writing it, but that I was exhaling it out of me already. The emotional release from that simple song consisting of just voice and piano still brings me back to that moment a few years ago. This is such a positive memory because it reminds me of music’s power to not only express chaos, but elicit serenity simultaneously. How do you choose to lead a Happy Healthy life as an artist?

I think everyone’s “happy and healthy” looks different. I personally have Type 1 diabetes so a lot of my self-care revolves around keeping my blood sugar stable with good nutrition and physical activity. I love attempting to replicate my Italian grandma’s recipes (failing miserably) and blasting music way too loud in my ears while running or dancing. I also like to give myself time to do things besides work and music. Although music is the center of my life, I strongly believe that you need to also exist outside of it for balance and inspiration. My happiness and health includes time with friends, nights out, cozy movie afternoons, and down time to draw inspiration from living life to the fullest. Who did you learn from to instill those values?

I learned from Deepak Chopra actually, which is odd because I’ve never met him and he has no idea who the hell I am. I have this meditation app on my phone by the Chopra Center and Oprah Winfrey that I do most nights before bed. It’s all about finding balance and inspiring creativity. The meditations have allowed me to believe that I know what is best for myself and have always known this. I just need to listen to what my body and mind are telling me and that’s all I’ll ever need. Pretty fricken cool. Was it hard work to make sure that you focused on your well-being and not only your art?

Oh for sure! It was extremely hard to focus on my wellbeing at first. I constantly compare myself to others under the guise that it was going to help me improve somehow artistically. Not surprisingly, this had the opposite effect and made me so scared to even sing in public. I still do this (more often than I’d like to admit) and have to actively tell myself SHUT THE FUCK UP when those habitual thoughts creep back in. I think personal well-being and creating art are one and the same. One cannot exist without the other. Think of the classic: a car cannot run without gas. Was there a turning point of how you decided to put yourself first?

I think after I did a showcase in NYC I had an epiphany with all of that. For the weeks prior I had run myself dry and said yes to every single thing I could say yes to. My thought process was that if I didn’t say yes I was lazy and going to be a failure. I arrived at the show extremely drained without the energy to pump myself up and be strong against insecurity. I did the set and it went fine, but when I got home I just broke down in the car because the entire time I was singing I was literally telling myself “you suck”, “they all looked and sounded like you but just a little better” “what the hell are you doing trying to be a singer??”. After that show, I decided that I need to prioritize rest and rejuvenation before a show in order to give my best performance and be kind to myself. How do you like to promote a healthy lifestyle?

I like to promote a healthy lifestyle by practicing what I preach. I also appreciate being honest with myself and others about when times are tough and it’s hard to say no to insecure thoughts that fuel a cycle of endless work and stress. We’re all on the same journey here, might as well be open about what works/doesn’t work for me to possibly help someone going through the same thing. In what ways are you connecting with fans to check in on each other?

Although social media has its drawbacks, I love how connected I am able with people I might not have ever had the chance to talk with otherwise. I have chatted with people across the world about my music and art in general. It means so much to hear how my songs have affected or inspired them. The mundane things are important to me as well, “how’s your day going?”, “what shows have you been into lately”… this time will go down in history as the age of anxiety as the world struggles with many complicated issues. It’s important we all check in on each other. Who checks in on YOU when you need it most?

I have to be a mush here and say to my mom. She has been my rock since I was born and she oddly knows what I’m feeling before I do. She checks in on me when she knows I need it (even when I say I don’t) and encourages me to do what I know I need to do for myself at that moment. Changing habits can be hard. Which was the habit that you had to change and how it's changed your life now?

I think the habit I want to kick out of my life is being so vain. Not that my life revolves around how I look, but I want to just enjoy my day without the worry or comparison of my outfit, the way my hair looks, if I’m bloated, etc…. I think as musicians (especially female singers), we are almost expected to look and dress a certain way. I am on my way to nixing this stupid notion, but I’m not fully there. Gonna keep working though! Is there a song, book, movie, show, or anything that always gives you the motivation you need?

I draw the most motivation from silence, which sounds so dark and creepy now that I say it to myself. But it’s true, I feel like silence gives me a blank canvas on which I can paint whatever I’m feeling in the moment. If this sounds like “The Stranger” by Albert Camus to anyone reading, that’s because that is my favorite book (it’s a crazy dark philosophy book if you couldn’t tell hahah) What is the mantra of 2022?!

The mantra of 2022 is “I am enough. I am so enough. It is unbelievable how enough I am”. I stole this (shhh) from Sierra Boggess, a Broadway singer I was obsessed with as a young teenager. Give all the inside scoop on your latest project!

I just released an EP called Runaway a few weeks ago and am super thrilled to announce my latest single that will be dropping in late May! It’s called “Sex Made Me Dumb” and is all about how fricken dumb it is that women can’t be seen as both attractive and intelligent. This is something I have struggled with since puberty and the song is an open testimony of my experience (that unfortunately so many other women have shared). It’s fun and ironic in a way that really points out how crazy stupid toxic masculinity can be for both parties. I’m so excited for it to drop! Arieliza's music is on all streaming services @Arieliza Instagram/TikTok/Facebook: @Arielizamusic YouTube Official Artist Channel: @Arieliza Spotify: LINKS TO ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC: Arieliza has released a new Music Video for her single “Bubblegum Pop”: Bubblegum Pop Music Video Arieliza is performing at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on Saturday June 11, 2022 at 10:30 pm. Tickets are available at

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